SPIN Companies is a consortium of real estate and other investment companies serving much of the state of Florida. Originally spawned from the success SPIN realized in both trading wholesale and value added properties, the Southeast Property Investment Network (SPIN) expanded into a large portfolio of other successful endeavors. SPIN Companies owns and manages a large portfolio of rental properties, operates a multi-market property trading platform, developed proprietary inventory management software, operates a full service real estate brokerage and even a medical products company. By following a systematic approach to business and hiring top level personnel SPIN Companies is proud to follow a pattern of success in many diverse business ventures. Explore SPIN and its portfolio below and experience success at Full Throttle.

Explore the SPIN Portfolio


Southeast Property Investments Network

Southeast Property Investment Network (SPIN) is the largest privately owned single family home seller in Florida. Since 2008 SPIN has completed over 6000 transactions with more than $500 million in sold inventory. SPIN also has solutions for investors, lenders and real estate professionals. SPIN has the expertise to help you accelerate your overall real estate goals. Learn More


SPIN Rentals

At Spin Rentals, we cater to tenants and homeowners to help create the happiest, most satisfying experience possible for everyone involved. We have deployed our professional and personal real estate experiences to re-define what it means to be a property management company from the ground up. Learn More


Altitude Brands

Altitude specializes in the highest quality products through the industry's top brands. We spare no cost in sourcing top shelf, local grown starting material for our state of the art extraction and refinement processes to ensure quality is never sacrificed. Our strict manufacturing standards deliver the highest levels of purity in each finished good. Learn More

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